Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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Let’s discuss on two more important aspects. First, when did Shiv enter in Dada Lekhraj? Second, the year of destruction as predicted in the Murlis.

We are not going to discuss on how old was Dada Lekhraj when Shiv entered him. I know, we have a birth certificate and also, the articles of newspapers published in 1936, which prove that he was 52 years old in 1936. I have my own views and some Murli references which talk about his age. But, it’s not required here.

Also, we are not going to discuss why destruction did not take place in 1976 as predicted. We have research work on this and reasons to justify. But again, this is not required here.

We will come back to PBKs, in the next post.

We have already discussed that Dada Lekhraj shuts his business in 1932 and starts satsang. This is clearly written in the book called “Is This Justice” written by Om Radhe Mama. Many of us know this already. He closed his business, because he experienced visions and also, ShivBaba entered in him during the same period.

To answer PBKs, there are many Murlis which say, Baba (Shiv) entered at the same period when Dada Lekhraj started experiencing the visions. It is also said in the Murlis that Dada Lekhraj sacrificed everything and closed his business, immediately when he had visions. It is also said, Baba(Shiv) had him do that. There are many other Murli references.

So, we cannot also say that he closed his business in 1932, but Shiv entered in him later in 1936. No. He entered him either in 1932 or even before.
You will find the court paper here, ... 20view.pdf

Go to page no. 21,
1932_is_this_justice.PNG (63.12 KiB) Viewed 40507 times

And the destruction was not predicted in 1966 for the first time as Baba Dixit teaches. It was said even in 22.8.61 that the destruction would happen in 10-12 years. So actually, the destruction was predicted for 1971 - 1973. Not for 1976.

S.M.22.8.61, end of page2 [Hindi Murli],

But I want to connect these two things and try to understand why BKs lied that Shiv entered in Dada Lekhraj in 1936 and why did they change the year of destruction to 1976.

See, if some Murli of the year 1966 says, the destruction would take place in 10 years, it means, 1976 is the year of destruction.
Firstly, we should understand that BKs revised the Murlis from 1963.
So, in this example above, if it was revised in 1966, then when was it originally narrated? God knows.

As we have an example of one of such original Murlis as stated earlier. In 1961, it was already said, the destruction would happen in 10-12 years. So, in 1966, the Murli should say 5-7 years. Because, S.M.22.8.61 is an original Murli.

But, when BKs revised the Murlis, in 1966 it is said 10 years, then in 1967 it was said 9 years, in 1968 it was said 8 years and in 1969, 7 years. All pointing to 1976.

It was well planned. Maybe they revised the old Murlis in such a way to make the year of destruction to be 1976. Or they have edited the original Murlis while revising; they only need to change the numbers. like 10,9,8 and so on.

Similarly, some Murlis which talk about Shiv Jayanti. According to the Murlis, Shiv Jayanti is the day when Shiv entered in Dada Lekhraj for the first time, though we cannot give the exact date and time.
So there are many Murlis which talk about how many years have been passed since Shiv Jayanti. So, if it is 1966, the Murli would say, ‘it’s been 30 years’. If it is 1968,’it has been 32 years’ and so on. This makes us feel that this Brahma of BKs is the real Brahma and these are direct Murlis and also, that Shiv entered in 1936. That’s what BKs want too.

Here also, they either edited the original Murlis. Or they just revised in such a way, so as to prove that Shiv Jayanti happened 1936.
So, when it is said ‘it’s been 27 years’ in 1963, the original date of the Murli should be 1959. Because, if you calculate from 1932, adding 27 years would give you 1959.

Mostly, they have edited the Murlis in both the cases of Shiv jayanti & the year of destruction.
But why 1976? Why 1936? You should understand this connection, how they are trying to connect 1936 with 1976. First, they lied that ShivBaba entered in Dada Lekhraj in 1936. Then, they edited the Murlis for Shiv Jayanti. Then, edited the Murlis to make the year of destruction to be 1976.

So the year of Shiv Jayanti and the year of destruction were originally 1932 and 1972.

We need to understand the reason. Why 1936 and 1976? They are lying, but why particularly 1936 and 1976? Why not 1934 and 1974? Why not 1937 and 1977? Why not something else?

Because, maybe the fake Baba was 60 years old in 1936. Or maybe, because there are newspaper evidences of 1936 and hence they cannot move it any further. That’s the whole point. They altered the dates to match their requirements.

This evidence also proves that they have revised the Murlis and also edited them. It's as well a clear proof of how they have imitated everything.
Otherwise, there is no point in lying. Sewakarm’s thing is also completely out of syllabus. Then why lie?

Let's see some Murlis which were revised after 1969,

See, this is how they used to edit after 1969. But this was fine. There are many more revised Murlis between 1969 and 1976, where we see similar cases. Nobody objected it. Because, everybody was thinking that the destruction would happen in 1976 and hence it was right to let the people know about it.
I am not objecting this. But, the point is, they learnt this skill long back. They did the same thing when they revised the Murlis from1963, as we discussed earlier.

BKs also lied that Dada Lekhraj was born in 1876. They are good at matching the things. Isn’t it? Actually, even if Dada Lekhraj was 60 years old when Shiv entered in him, his year of birth should be 1872.

Wait for the next post.

Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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"Piyu and Piyu Vanis"

We have seen in the last post that the year of destruction as predicted in the Murlis was 1972-73 and not 1976. We have also discussed that Shiv entered Dada Lekhraj in 1932 and. We are actually done with PBKs.

Basically, I don’t have to write this post to answer PBKs. But, there is a purpose behind it. This is for everyone. Let's keep it short.

Now according to Baba Dixit, Shiv Jayanti was supposed to happen in 2018, which again did not happen. Such an illiterate man!
He failed everywhere. In fact, he tried hard to fail or to go as low as possible.

Just to answer PBKs, Dada Lekhraj’s partner Sewakram was younger than him, or of same age. And the destruction was not predicted in 1966 for the first time as Baba Dixit teaches. It was already said in S.M. 22.8.61 that the destruction would happen in 10-12 years. So actually the destruction was predicted to take place between 1971 and 1973. Not 1976.

There are Murlis of 1965 which state that the destruction would take place in 8-10 years. If you wish to check- S.M.10.5.65.AM, end of the middle part of page 1 and S.M.26.7.65, middle of page 3.

Baba Dixit claims, he studied the complete set of Murlis. What a joke! Then why did you assume the role Ram, Shankar and Vyas etc. Actually, it's not even your fault. Shankar also is working inside you. So this prediction didn’t start coming in 1966. There are many Murlis of 1965, where it was already said. More than that, these were revised Murlis.

Baba Dixit gave many clarifications, class after class, on 1976. All wasted. Bapuji Dashrath Patel had his own view. Based on the same Murlis, he says Lakshmi-Narayan were born in 1956. Maybe, it's his year of birth. Everybody is only wasting their time. It was not about subtle birth, it was not about a birth in the Iron age. It was the real birth of Lakshmi-Narayan in the Golden Age, but the prediction failed.

If required, we may discuss more on Shewakram later. The reality of Shewakram is completely different from what Baba Dixit teaches.
For now, you may refer this, ... latest.pdf

At page no. 25 & 26,

Or read this here, ... t_1938.pdf

At page no. 10 (Page 7 in PDF),
Shewakram2.PNG (238.08 KiB) Viewed 40504 times
There was another Shewakram who was one of the secretarities of the Anti Om Mandli, not Dada Lekhraj's partner.
Earlier, I assumed both of them to be same. It was my mistake.

Let’s come to the important part of this discussion. There was no role of Shewakram. Also, it was Dada Lekhraj, not Shewakram, who used to read Bhagwad Gita in the beginning of the Yagya. Baba Dixit was utterly false in these two things. But, the question is, why BKs were afraid of him even then?

Let's first understand, how did Baba Dixit imagine the story of Shewakram?

As Baba Dixit himself says, the BKs used to talk about someone called Piyu when he entered in the Yagya, which was around the same period when the fake brahma left his body and the same Piyu used to narrate Bhagwad Gita in the beginning of Yagya according to BKs.
Based on this knowledge which we discussed above, along with some cartoon which BKs released around the same period, now Baba Dixit messed up everything. Hence he came up with a funny story of his own, which he truly deserves.

But, he was half right at least. There was definitely some other personality other than the fake Brahma, whom BKs start remembering as soon as their own fake Brahma left his body. But, he was not only present in the beginning; he was there until 1962-63. It is none other than Dada Lekhraj, the real Brahma. Otherwise, why would they even mention some extra personality?

Later, as Baba Dixit says, BKs removed that cartoon and they even stopped talking about Piyu, which is correct. But, Baba Dixit assumed, it’s because his own story is true,so they stopped talking about Piyu. He was utterly false. BKs had their own secret.

They even started opposing Baba Dixit to protect themselves. But, Baba Dixit never reached the truth. He never cared for it. He only wanted to become a Baba.

Now imagine, based on Baba Dixit’s beliefs, how hard people tried to get the Piyu Vanis. People went all the way to Karachi to search. What an ignorance! Great Baba Dixit! There is nothing as such Piyu Vanis at all.

Moreover, actually Piyu is Shiv, which is explained in many Murlis. But, BKs just used that name to refer to some other personality, who was actually Dada Lekhraj. They cannot take the name of Dada Lekhraj. Because, they have promoted their own fake Baba as Dada Lekhraj. So they need some other name to refer to the original Dada Lekhraj. So they used Piyu.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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"BKs are experts in imitating"

Some more important observations:

1. We have seen how BKs have imitated everything, not only Brahma. Mama, Jagdish, Kumarika, Ramesh-Usha, Manohar, Shanta, Mohini etc were all someone else, BKs imitated everyone. Baba always used to remember some children in the Murlis. Some were titled as special children and they were supposed to be in the rosary of 8.

Like, Jagdish, Kumarika, Shanta etc. were supposed to be in the rosary of 8. There was someone from Delhi called Mohini, Baba used to say, she may also come in the list of 8.

BKs imitated everyone. If you read the biographies written on them, somehow, they planned to fit everyone in the story. Like Ramesh, Jagdisg etc came into the Knowledge at a very younger age as they write in the biographies.

Baba always used to appreciate Jagdish. He was given higher place than Mama-Baba also. He was very intelligent.
Jagdish used to write 'True Gita'. It is said in one of the Murlis that 'True Gita' was written in Sindhi earlier.
Such Kumarika and Jagdish could not face Baba Dixit? How is it possible? Even we understood after reading few Murlis that Baba Dixit is nothing more than an illiterate. Even those who never went to school have some brain. But, Baba Dixit has none. Every Murli is against his knowledge. In the Murlis, everything is said against Ram, Shankar, Vyas etc. And Baba Dixit says, he is Ram, Shankar, vyas etc. But the wonder is, these special children of Baba who were in the knowledge for such a long time and also read the Murlis for such a long time, they were not able to face Baba Dixit. They started training the people to fight against Baba Dixit. They even started editing the original Murlis, which was absolutely not necessary.
How can they be Kumarika, Jagdish etc?

They were all fake versions of BKs. This fake jagdish either wrote his own 'True Gita' to imitate. Or he may have modified the original one based on his own understanding.

Some people were discussing in this forum long back that there is some confusion around his name. We know Jagdish is the author of many books. He used to write his name in many different ways in diffrent books. Somewhere it is 'Raj Yogi B.K.Chander', 'Brahma Kumar Jagdish Chander', 'B.K. Jagdish Chander Hassija', somewhere it is 'Raj Yogi Jagdish Chander'.

I have seen that name of the author of 'True Gita' is written as 'Sanjoy' somewhere. Of course, Baba used to call Jagdish as Sanjay. It was even said, everyone is Sanjay (of Mahabharat fame).
But, as I understand, the Bengali people in India pronounce the words this way, like, Sanjay as Sanjoy. But, nothing is much clear. But, this Jagdish and everyone else were fake.

Let's take the example of Ramesh and Usha. As I understand from the Murlis, they were real couple, who lived in Mumbai.
Baba always used to remember them in the Murlis. It was said for Usha that she has profound knowledge of Bhagwad Gita of path of devotion and she must use it in the service. These are the facts from the Murlis.

Now let's look at how hard BKs tried to imitate them. We know Ramesh Shah who was in Mumbai.
Does anyone even know his wife Usha? At least, she was not famous in the BKs world. I heard her name only once in one of the Avyakt Vanis when she came to meet Avyakt BapDada along with Ramesh Shah.
How is it possible? She was at least not famous for knowing 'Bhagwad Gita'.

Most important thing is these Ramesh and Usha were not real couples. Ramesh married to save her from the parents. It was a gandharv marriage. If I am not wrong, this gandharv marriage was not to save her from the parents, but to imitate. Even if it was to save her from the worldly marriage, it was an imitation. It was only an imitation in any case.

Those real Ramesh and Usha were real couple. Nobody knew this fake Usha. She also left her body in 2012.

Now, do you know another Usha Didi? Everyone knows her. She is good at Bhagwad Gita. You will find many classes of Usha Didi where she clarifies the knowledge based on Bhagwad Gita. Nowadays, she was playing with Ramayan.

But, she is not Ramesh Shah's wife. But, BKs somehow tried to imitate the original Usha.

This Usha Didi was not even present in the Yagya when original Murlis were narrated. She was not present during the period of the fake Brahma also. She came in the knowledge in the 70s.


Everything was imitated.

Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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2. One more important thing to note about fake Brahma is when he began conducting the Murli classes in 1963, he was not much confident. He used to skip reading the lines too, specially if something was said regarding Dada.
Later he became an expert, especially during 1968. He became so confident that he started acting, imitating everything. You will observe this in the audio recordings.

3. Another important thing to note is, fake Brahma had good knowledge of the Murlis. He was present in the Yagya when the real Brahma existed, he listened to him directly a lot of times and it was a peaceful and exciting time. So, he learnt a lot. Though, he did not understand them deeply.

So in the audios, we see him giving a lot of clarifications. We see him excited sometimes. Sometimes he gives good clarification. Even the BKs were good earlier in their understanding of knowledge in specific to few things. Like, they knew Ram gets failed, they knew who would give birth to Radha-Krishn etc. Now, they are totally confused.

But, there are many such examples where fake Brahma reads some line in the Murli without actually looking at it fully, so he actually reads some other similar line which he has read in some other Murlis.
For eg: We have discussed an example from S.M.14.4.68.A.M.
"There (in Golden Age), there is no death".
In the original paper-Murli, this is said for Golden Age. We can understand it from the point of view of context also in the Murli.

But when he reads this line, he is totally unaware of the context. He fails to remember what the Murli is talking about. Hence reads it as
"There is no one as (Lord of) death. But this is said only for the sake of explaining".

This doesn't suite the context. But, not just that. This same exact line appears in some other paper-Murli. There, it is said for Copper Age and Iron age. In that paper-Murli, it is explained that 'in the path devotion they show Dharmraj (Lord of death), but he doesn't actually exist. But, Baba use the word (Lord of) death to explain. But, when Baba says death, he doesn't mean Lord of death'.

But, fake Brahma used it in some other class in a wrong context. There are many other similar examples. This clearly proves that he is reading the pre-narrated Murlis, which he has already studied as well before.

4. Another good thing in the audio recordings, we get to know some history. Mostly, he tells his false history. But, sometimes, like he once says, "the children who left the Yagya, for whom the rest used to think they would attain a good rank in the knowledge. Those who used to teach Mama-Baba also. They were actually trance messengers".

Baba Dixit quotes this line everywhere and tries to prove that he, Sister Vedanti and Kamla Devi Sharma are those children who left the Yagya. Just because, they used to act as teachers, he thinks they are the actual mother-Father of the Yagya.

But, the fact is they were trance messengers. There were many similar trance messengers. Baba used many of them in the beginning days of the Yagya, which was a necessity and the actual knowledge began later in the Murlis. Also, Dada Lekhraj was so humble; he used to make the children sit as teachers. Another thing is, it is said in the Murlis that Dada Lekhraj never experienced visions later, it was only in the beginning after which he closed his business and also, Mama never experienced visions.
So, Shiv had to take the help of some messengers.

5. When the real Brahma, Dada Lekhraj used to narrate Murlis, the same were also recorded in the audio cassettes as we understand from one of the paper-Murlis. BKs are hiding them even now.

Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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"A glimpse of Dada Lekhraj as a person"

6. Next important thing we should understand is the actual Dada Lekhraj's personality. What are his qualities? His life style?
He always seem polite, humble, natural, honest in the Murlis. He never glorifies himself in the Murlis. He always keeps saying good things about the children. About himself, he always shares his experience of how he forgets remembering Baba, how difficult for him as he has to remember him within himself and the children could do better than him in remembering etc. He always says 'Children, you can do better than me'. So humble and caring he was.
It is said in the Murlis that he always keeps thinking about the children. He used to keep giving search light to the children during Amrit Vela. He used to avoid hugging the children, he avoids staring at the children while giving drishti if feels that someone is getting attached to him. He always says, don't remember me, remember only Shiv.

Shiv also says, the children should not become egoistic as Baba is helding them higher than himself. It is only to teach you that you should also become ego-less and simple like him.

He was very experienced of worldly life and of path of devotion. He read 'Bhagwad Gita' for his whole life. He had memorized the religious books of Sikh religion- Sukhmani and Japsaheb. Maybe, that is why we see a lot of quotes coming from those religious books in the Murlis.
He used to worship Narayan a lot. He had 12 Gurus. He was courageous too. He used to ask sanyasis, why did you leave your home? Another instance of Jagannathpuri temple, where he asks a panda (guide) "close your business of prostitution in the temple, otherwise, I will hand you over to the police".

Murlis even talk about how serious he was about maintaining purity in the Yagya. Especially ,in the beginning days. He even fought in the court. He asks a judge, is it wrong to remain pure? Then, the judge becomes silent.

Shiv even says he (Dada Lekhraj) is so simple, ego-less and hence people don't recognize him. It is said many times in the Murlis that "people change their lifestyle and dressing based on their status, post etc. Like office going people will wear the dresses accordingly. Sansyasis wear kafni, orange dresses and they become egoistic as well. But this Dada Lekhraj has not changed a bit even when the highest authority, Shiv has entered in him. He is just like as before. He wears the same kind of dresses, same attitude as before and nothing has changed".

Baba Dixit read only half of the above sentence in a Murli and he started wearing Dhoti. And he says, 'see, this Murli is talking about me. It is indicating that I wear the same dress as I used to as Sewakram'. What a clarification! Baba Dixit, you were not even born and this statement is not for a soul wearing the same dresses across two different lives. You haven't even read the full paragraph. This is how the whole advance knowledge is! May God help PBKs. Baba Dixit, you should first, go and find out what Sewakram used to wear exactly. Otherwise, you will get into more trouble.

It is also explained that Sadharan (ordinary) doesn’t mean poor. Those days, even the millionaires were considered to be ordinary. Murlis also say, "He was actually very poor in his childhood and he was village lad. It’s only later that he became little rich. That too was completely according to the plan of the drama. Because, Bhatti had to be formed and he had to take care of so many children and feed them all".

Baba Dixit never read any of the Murlis fully. He thinks ordinary means very poor and it's him, the real Chariot of Shiv. He calls Dada Lekhraj extra-ordinary. He thinks Dada Lekhraj was a blonde and handsome man. And he himself is a village lad. You are such a selfish man Baba Dixit.

He always took good care of the children. He fed them well, he arranged Bungalows, vehicles etc. We read this in the Murlis as well as in the book called 'Om Mandli' written by Anti Om Mandli members.
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Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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destroy old world wrote: 18 Nov 2019 It is evident that Brother ‘xpbk’ has NEITHER understood the clarification of ‘Golden Heart’, NOR the clarifications of ‘Zorba the Greek’, CORRECTLY – and he has got himself trapped in the TREACHEROUS bog of making VAGUE assumptions, which he has CONDITIONED himself to believe to be true, over a period of time, under the FORCEFUL influence of Maya!

Please view points 1 & 2, and IN PARTICULAR point 2, of Original SM dated 24.12.1968, Revised on 18.11.2019 viewtopic.php?f=40&p=54608#p54604

Viewers are cautioned NOT to get themselves trapped in the TREACHEROUS bog, of EVEN CONSIDERING the VAGUE assumptions made by Brother ‘xpbk’, under the FORCEFUL influence of Maya – with regard to so-called ‘fake’ Brahma, and other renowned individuals of the Yagya - in his subsequent posts in this topic, which precede this post! Such malicious insinuations, and erroneous assumptions, are based on IGNORANCE of the ACTUAL History of the Yagya, owing to lack of personal associations with the ACTUAL individuals and ACTUAL events, of the particular period in question; which are best corroborated with the genuine, officiating individuals of the Yagya, who have had first-hand knowledge and comprehension of same!

View clarification of ‘Golden Heart’ in point 4 of Revised SM dated 23.11.2019, in link

Also view clarifications of ‘Golden Heart’ -
in point 3 of Revised SM dated 19.11.2019, in link viewtopic.php?f=40&p=54627#p54608
in point 4 of Revised SM dated 20.11.2019, in link viewtopic.php?f=40&p=54627#p54613
in point 4 of Revised SM dated 21.11.2019, in link viewtopic.php?f=40&p=54627#p54618

Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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Brother destroy old world,

Do you think you can stop me? Can anyone ever change the drama?

OK. I am going to stop writing here onwards. Try your best and see if you can hide the truth at least now.

I don't have to write anything brother. I really don't enjoy doing this much.

You don't need to warn the people to be cautious of me.

I want admins to delete all of my posts right now.

Let's see who wins!

The best thing I learnt in my life is, it is better to let something go than holding on to it forever. I did this many times and I was always happy.

Thank you for another opportunity.

I wish for your happiness.
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Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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xpbk wrote: 20 Nov 2019 So, we cannot also say that he closed his business in 1932, but Shiv entered in him later in 1936. No. He entered him either in 1932 or even before.

Golden Heart wrote: 06 Dec 2019 Please be AWARE that in this particular ORIGINAL SM dated 30.12.1968, reference is made to the forthcoming ShivJayanti (scheduled for 15th February, 1969), as the 33rd ShivJayanti, SEVERAL times – (all of which have been omitted in the Revised SM). This CLEARLY CONFIRMS that the Divine INCARNATION of Incorporeal God Father Shiva occurred in 1936, through the impure corporeal body of Brahma Baba or soul of Lekhraj Kirpalani – WHEN Brahma Baba was 60 years old, as clarified in several other SMs!

This proves that certain embodied souls, who have had the opportunity to study this knowledge, even to a great extent, are STILL vulnerable, to be subtly influenced, to convince themselves that certain falsehoods, which are based on their personal misconceptions, are true; and such individuals will continue to base their further deductions, based on such false presumptions, for a prolonged period of time, WITHOUT realizing that they have actually strayed on a wrong path of being instrumental to disseminate falsehood, while delusively believing same to be true!
Such individuals do not realize that they are, in fact, opposing the Shrimat of ShivBaba; neither do they realize the grave consequences of such conduct, for their own personal selves!

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तो सुनो, जिसको भी ज्ञान के बारे में समझना है, कि असली ज्ञान क्या है? पीबीकेज की सच्चाई क्या है? बीकेज की सच्चाई क्या है? और इनका पर्दाफाश करना हो, तो तुरंत संपर्क करो|

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Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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Memorials and Exemplification
What is the specialty of the kingdom of Ravan? Children are born from semen.
Who started such a kingdom of Ravan? Who taught to give birth to children like this? He must be Ravan himself, the first Ravan. But who is Ravan? There is such a beautiful exemplification which appears in Hindu scriptures, which Baba has mentioned many times in the Murlis. Hence it is said, there is only as much truth in the scriptures as a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour. It is not about Confluence Age or shooting period. The memorials or examples in the scriptures are based on the entire drama. Nothing is told about shooting in the Murlis ever. There is no such thing as shooting. It's an endless Drama; it is as if an eternal roll that exists since the time immemorial. Soul is nothing but an actor which has an imperishable roll inside it. Does it require shooting and filling the roll every Kalpa? In the Avyakt Vanis also, it was wrongly said that in the Confluence Age, the rites of 84 births will be filled inside the soul, PBKs just copied this concept blindly as usual.

Avyakt Vanis speak false things everywhere. They even teach that Shiv is the creator of the souls. How can you create a soul? See this example,
Golden Heart wrote: 07 Dec 2019 that You bring the Father (Shiva), the ‘Creator’ of souls, from beyond sound (‘nirvana’ – Soul World) into sound (on this corporeal sphere) to have a Heart-to-heart conversation.

Murlis say that souls are always there, they are not created. Shiv is the creator of heaven, before that, he creates Mouth-born progeny of Brahmins. That's all.

Similarly, Shiv is not the director of this drama. He is the hero of this eternal play and he is just a point of light. Think, why would Shiv direct you to shoot the roles of the kingdom of Ravan? Does he teach wrong things? Then how can he be the director? Shiv is never described as a director in any of the Murlis, he was always said to be the hero player. When there is no director, then there is no question of shooting at all.

So, we should understand each and everything exactly as they actually are. One simple wrong turn may take you so far in a wrong direction, that it could be impossible to return.

These are simple things (Drama, Shooting, Director etc), yet we spent 50 years to understand them correctly. Then how will we understand the things which are actually so subtle? Just imagine, there are so many varieties of things in the world and we have to understand everything in its true form. Especially, the soul, Supreme Soul and Drama. It's a huge job!

Oh! We got carried away from the actual topic. So that parable is of Copper Age and Iron age. And it talks about Ravan and the kingdom of Ravan. We will see some proofs related to this from the original Murlis in the next post.

Don’t know how many such exemplifications and memorials exist, which have to be understood in their true forms.

You should not just go on giving some non-sense unlimited meanings for everything. Did Brahma enter in Shankar, and hence they show Moon on Shankar's head? Then they say, there are 9 lac stars in the sky which are the memorials of 9 lac children. Are there 9 lac stars? Seems that, scientists are struggling to go Moon, but PBKs went and counted the stars and they came up with accurate figure.

This is example of stars is only for the purpose of teaching. You don't need to find out an unlimited meaning in it.

Why do they show Moon on Shankar's head? It's a good memorial. Like they show peacock feather for Krishn. So, what status did Shankar get in the Confluence Age based on his efforts? He becomes king in the beginning of Moon-dynasty in Silver Age. So, he is shown with Moon on his head, which is like a crown.
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Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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The word ‘shooting’ has been used by ShivBaba MANY times in the Sakar Murlis. It DOES NOT mean that ‘shooting’ is taking place in the Confluence Age for the FIRST time; rather, it means that ‘RE-FRESHING’ of the sanskars within souls takes place – which is referred to as ‘shooting’ by ShivBaba in various Sakar Murlis.

Likewise, ShivBaba has said that He is the Creator, Director and Principal Actor of this Drama, several times in the Sakar Murlis – EACH has its own significance, which needs to be understood in the correct context.
‘Creator’ DOES NOT mean that Shiva creates ANYTHING for the FIRST time; NOR are souls ‘created’ in that sense! ‘Creator’ of souls means, One who RE-CREATES soul-consciousness within the sanskars of souls, who have become body-conscious over a period of time.
‘Director’ means He gives CLEAR directions to REGAIN soul-consciousness, ONCE AGAIN.
‘Principal Actor’ means He has to ACT through the impure corporeal body of Brahma Baba (Lekhraj Kirpalani) in order to give such directions to embodied souls who are body-conscious, to enable them to regain their soul-consciousness, ONCE AGAIN!

Bro ‘xpbk’, who has identified himself as ‘Gavi of Pune’, has carried out extensive work in EXPOSING how PBKs have been MISLED, by being FOOLED into MISUNDERSTANDING the Murlis and Vanis, with CLEAR examples – and he has pulled himself out of that deepest trench of Ravan or Maya. His work needs to be appreciated, and is highly commendable.
But Maya is NO LESS powerful, and has managed to TRAP him into ANOTHER deep trench of Ravan or Maya, by making him MISUNDERSTAND the Murlis and Vanis in ANOTHER SENSE – which he is STILL not able to understand HOW!
We wish him all the luck to help himself to eventually come out of this trench also, as soon as possible!

Following points have been taken from Original SM dated 07.01.1969, (Revised on 18.12.2019):
(These points have been omitted in the Revised version).

माया ऐसी पकड़ती है जो एकदम नाक में दम उड़ा देती है। नम्बरवन समझदार को भी नम्बरवन मूर्ख बना देती है! ...
उनको ‘डैम फूल’ कहेंगे! ...
इतना उसमें (माया में) बल है जो एकदम ‘वर्थ नॉट ए पेनी’ बना देती है। एकदम महामूर्ख बना देती है!
= Maya catches hold (of some children) in such a way that they are even ‘unable to breathe’. Maya makes even one who is number-one sensible (child) into one who is number-one IDIOT (child)! ...
Such a one would be called a DAMN FOOL! ...
Maya has so much ‘power’ as to make one completely ‘worth not a penny’. Maya makes one into a COMPLETE IDIOT! =

Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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Dear brother 'destroy old world',

If I am not wrong, you must be one of the admins of this forum and not the original user of this account, who was part of a Vishnu Party. Anyway, let me get straight to the point. Seriously, I don't have time to get into a discussion with anyone. But, I really appreciate your efforts for taking your time every now and then to express your views on my posts and also for your concerns about me going wrong. Really, thanks a bunch.

At the same time, I owe you an apology for not reading your reply on my post fully. I am quite busy.

As you are replying, I would like to assume that you are reading my posts. So, I request you to start from the first post under this topic and give your feedback. I always wanted someone to do this and nobody helped me so far. I hope that I finally found someone. You don't know what it means to me. I request you to start with the audio proofs which are very important.

Trust me, if I ever feel that I am wrong, I will accept and change myself within the next second. No doubt about it.
Until then, you may call me an idiot. I really don't mind. To me, I am the most idiotic person on this earth. That is how I live every day. I humbly request you to express your views time to time and remind me of my idiotic behaviour. That would help me a lot. As I now understand that you have serious concerns on me, going forward, I would definitely try to spend some time reading your views. But, it is really difficult to get time to reply back.

I did not read your Murli references on 'Director' etc. But, a point of view is always based on the instance of its usage. A same word has different meanings at different instances. We should not just follow its literal meaning all over.
Secondly, I never agree to giving an unlimited meaning for 'creator of the souls'. That is advance knowledge of PBKs. It was never said in any of the Murlis that Shiv is the creator of souls. But, it is said that souls are never created and they are imperishable. Hence, I disagree with your unlimited meaning. Same is the case with 'shooting'. There are only two statements on 'shooting' in the Murlis, "yah to anadi shooting hui padi hai" & "jaise naye shire shooting hoti jati hai"- meaning, it only appears as if the shooting is taking place at each second and this was said for the entire drama of 5000 years, and not for Confluence Age. That's it and there is no 3rd statement. I had already mentioned this in the earlier posts.
But, thanks a ton again for expressing your views and please keep doing it on regular basis to help me out.

Rest, I will leave it to the readers to decide who is wrong and who is right. For me, this is not at all important.
I follow a simple policy. I just do whatever I feel like doing. It doesn't matter what it costs and even if there are personal losses. I can go against myself, my family, friends or the whole world as long as I am comfortable, enjoying and I feel I am right.

I know very well that many of you are very happy about my work on exposing Baba Dixit. Thank you for offering me a consolation prize. I also know that none of the readers understood my research on BKs, and their fake Brahma and neither did I expect. Why am I telling this? Because, if you don't like my work on exposing BKs, then there is a good news for you. At least for some time now, I will not write much on BKs. See, I need a reason or I should feel like doing it, as I said earlier. Let me tell you something briefly, now I also understand- why did BKs hide the truth of real Dada Lekhraj?
And I got something even more interesting to focus. But, this is not the place to share it because of a reason.

Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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Avyakt Vanis exposed
Today's Avyakt Vani published by BKWSU,

Comments on the above,
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Re: Murli points which influenced a PBK to become an Ex-PBK

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Fake Dada Lekhraj?
Sounds a bit like the fake Paul McCartney stories.

On a serious note....did brahma baba read from paper Murlis in 50s 60s?
I thought they were just narrated ?
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