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by andyh
05 Oct 2006
Forum: Ex-BK
Topic: Master Cards
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Master Cards

Master Cards An antidote to psycho bollocks. Best enjoyed using a Chinese or Gangster Accent Cut out and use at real parties. This is genuine “Deep ****”. Warning : Do not use on people who love cuddly toys. In no particular order: Purpose As a Master I know that there is no other purpose that the ...
by andyh
27 Sep 2006
Forum: Ex-BK
Topic: Cult-like aspects of BKWSU
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Brainwashing Cult

Hi All, Pardon me for not contributing sooner, but there hasn’t been too much need as you guys have been doing such a good job in covering a wide range of issues. Keep it up, it all makes for good and often hilarious lunchtime reading. Anyway I thought I’d start a topic… A good while back I read an ...